Weekend update 4/19/99:
--Spaces are available for paired registration; several single men needed to match with women listed but not confirmed until paired.   Call registration numbers below or send email to address below.  We do not expect registration to close at this time but need several days notice for food planning.
--All house beds are reserved but we have plenty of room in the studio or in the barn and of course in the pasture for tenting.  See housing page below for off-campus lodging; Key West Inn, 10  miles away near LaFayette, has special Split Tree rate of $40/night/double occupancy.  
--This special dance weekend begins at 8 p.m. Friday night and closes around 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon.  Dress for the Saturday night dancing is informal.  Richard Powers will provide all music from his extensive collection.
--Transportation:  Please let us know right away if you need a ride from the Atlanta airport Friday afternoon and to the Atlanta airport Sunday or Monday; some Atlanta dancers are willing to give out-of-town dancers a ride to Split Tree, either for a reasonable contribution or possibly at no charge.  /Sid Hetzler  706/539-2485.   sid@splittree.org



 The Zen of Waltz Weekend

                    Waltzing with Spirit             

Friday April 30 through Sunday May 2

led by Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas from Stanford University

at the Split Tree Farm Pavilion Studio
in the northwest Georgia mountains two hours north of Atlanta near Chattanooga

As with past Waltz Weekends at Split Tree, Richard and Angela will combine the instruction of new waltz variations with concepts of great dance partnering.  The difference is that this time they will emphasize the experience of waltzing over showing off fancy steps.  The waltz variations to be taught will be the ones which feel the best -- are the most fun to do -- and these will be supplemented by suggestions of ways to make the experience of dancing be richer for both yourself and your partner.>

You may have come to past Waltz Weekends for two reasons: to learn new waltz steps and variations, and to become a better partner and a better dancer.  The first is in the realm of doing.  The second is being.   Both are important, but the second is a more sophisticated awareness on your part.  Everyone keeps a list of things to do but how many people keep a list of things to be?  This waltz weekend will emphasize a balance of both doing and being, and may even have benefits beyond the dance floor as well.

Why Zen of waltz?  Because Zen is one of many traditions which encompass living mindfully in the moment.  But there are others as well, so this weekend will also include contributions from many American and European traditions.  Zen has no corner on living fully in the moment. 
This awareness can be as German as the waltz:
Nothing is worth more than this day. You cannot relive yesterday. Tomorrow is still beyond your reach.
                                                                                                               -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
or as American as Oliver Wendell Holmes:
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters when compared to what lies within us.

The past Waltz Weekends have taken dancing beyond the range of material covered in the average dance workshop.  This one will as well, but more so.

This will be a time for creating new spaces inside traditional dance forms, and a time for creating new forms inside traditional dance spaces. 

                       Expect surprises...but do not expect enlightenment, although it may come unexpectedly.

Information and Registration Information

LOCATION:  Split Tree Farm is located 20 miles south of Chattanooga, TN and 100 miles NW of Atlanta in the NW Georgia mountains.   Click on map page.

COST: $50 before April 12; $60 after; credit refunds only after April 24.  Single dance tickets if space available. 

FOOD/ON-CAMPUS SHELTER (optional): $25 (no single meals).  

LODGING:   See housing page for info on motels/BnBs and other nearby housing.  There are 16 beds and couches available by earliest registration date in the house along with house/studio floor space and also shelter in a large barn--you need only your warm sleeping bag, air mattress, and pillow.   Bring usual camping supplies: pillow, sleeping bag or bedding, air mattress, towel and soap, swimsuit for hot tub, etc. We have a few tents and sleeping bags to loan for a modest donation to our dance gypsy fund. There is no charge for tent or RV camping (no hookups) on Split Tree's 200 acres of woods and pasture in the NW Georgia mountains.

FOOD:   For Friday night, bring your picnic or contribute a $3 donation to Becky's and Anna Sue's fresh bread and hot soup crockpot fund.  For $25, five tasty vegetarian meals will be served in the Split Tree cafe by volunteers.  Several work exchange dancers are needed for food preparation, serving and clean-up; call the registration office at number below...or send email.

GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS:   Gender balanced by paired registration, indicate below lead/follow preference if any.  We accept single registrations but genders must be matched to confirm registration.  Must wear clean non-street, non-marking, soft-sole shoes for dancing.  Loose work-out type clothing for floor excercises recommended for this weekend.  No child care facilities.  No pets or alcohol allowed.  Avoid strong perfumes.  Smoking is discouraged and is allowed only away from all buildings.

INFORMATION:  For registration/housing  information:  call Dave Kehres at 404-633-4203 or email him at zenwaltz99@splittree.org.   For general information: call Anna Sue Courtney or Sid Hetzler at Split Tree Farm: 706-539-2485.  Fax: 706/539-2430.  Email address: zenwaltz99@splittree.org.    Atlanta STF office:  404/378-7313.

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REGISTRATION:  Electronic or fax registration is allowed but this form must be mailed with a check within seven days after registering to hold a space.  Pre-registration is required and space is limited to 100 persons.  Send check payable to: Split Tree Farm/ZenWaltz99, 597 W. Cove Road, Kensington, GA 30707.
(Coming soon:  credit card online payment)

Date:________________   Dance Preference:  Lead _____  Follow ______    Female ____  Male _____


City/State___________________________Zip Code____________

Email address____________________________

Day phone ________________________Evening phone____________________________

Do you want order Richard Powers' Waltz Weekend T-Shirt with the flyer logo?    yes/no    Cost $12.

#___dancers at $ 50 each = ____$_________      #____meal tickets at $25 each=$______

Total___________.   # ____T-shirts at $12 each.    Grand total: $___________.

Shelter plans:  Bed______? (limited) House/studio floor space____________? Barn space__________? (A mattress of wood shavings)     Pasture tenting?________    Motel/BnB_____________? Other?______________  Accomodations

FLIGHT INFO:  Nearest public airport is Chattanooga (45 minutes); Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Knoxville airports are about 2-3 hours and usually some rides can be found with the help of dancers in nearby cities.

Questions about the program (no schedule will be posted for this exploratory workshop/dance) can be directed to Richard Powers at:    vintage@leland.stanford.edu     Web link: http://dance.stanford.edu

FUTURE SPLIT TREE EVENTS:  Split Tree Fool's Fest Dance Weekend, April 2-4, 1999.

OTHER Split Tree Workshops:  Mar. 13-14, A Weekend of Singing and Releasing, Elise Witt and Jean Dunham; Mar. 19-21, Southeast Contact Improvisation Jam; Apr. 15-18, 21-25, Introductory and Continued Authentic Movement, Marcia Plevin; Mar 4-9, Jazz Writing Calligraphy Workshop; Jun. 13, Modern Dance Choreography Camp for Kids (tentative).  More info on web page.   Return to main page for events list.

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