Update:  Oct. 21st:

Registration/misc. notes:  As of Oct. 20th, registration is limited to couples (or registration pairs) now that the weekend gender balance is even.  We appreciate the effort several ladies made in recruiting single men.  We now have room for five couples/pairs remaining.   House space is full; barn and pasture space is ample.  We will make every effort to match genders if singles are interested but make no promises.

For accomodations, see housing page; for simple, clean lodgings we recommend Key West Motel, about 10 miles east of the farm just south of the Hwy. 27/136 intersection north or LaFayette.  Ask for the special Split Tree rate of $40/couple/night/two double beds.  Weather:  Cloudy and cool in 40s-50s with "rain showers/sun" possible on Saturday; click on weather link above for 5-day update.  The fall colors are coming to their peak in late October.

For information, as of Wednesday, Oct. 22, please call Karen Tierney at the Split Tree office (706/539-2485);  Sid Hetzler can be reached at his business phone: 706/539-2485.  We anticipate a magical weekend of waltzing with some of the finest vintage dancers in the world to a blend of live and recorded music.

Bulletin:  Split Tree's October resident artist, Walter Parks, guitarist/vocalist, one of The Nudes duo (his cellist partner, Stephanie Winter of New York City, named the farm "Split Tree" in 1993; they headlined the first festival here in 1994) will lead area/regional musicans at the Sunday afternoon dance party in a "Jammix" style similar to what Richard Powers will create at the April 24-26 free-style couples dance weekend.  See brief summary below.  More about this at the waltz weekend.

Click here for housing information in the Split Tree area.

Friday October 24 through Sunday October 26

with a Viennese Ball Saturday evening

featuring the Lenox String Quartet of Atlanta

led by Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas from Stanford University

at the Split Tree Farm Pavilion Studio

in the northwest Georgia mountains two hours north of Atlanta near Chattanooga

Total immersion in two centuries of waltzing, from the 'nineties to the 'nineties

                    1790s waltzing to the Viennese waltz to

1890s Victorian waltz to the Ragtime hesitation waltz to

       1990s waltz swing and cross-step freestyle

      emphasizing partnering for improvisation

LOCATION:  Split Tree Farm is located 20 miles south of Chattanooga, TN in the NW Georgia mountains.   Click on map page.

COST: $75 before Oct. 3; $85 after; refunds until Oct. 17.   Later refunds available only if weekend is sold out.  Single dances if space available.  FOOD/SHELTER (optional): $25.

LODGING:  There are 20 beds and couches available in the house along with house/studio floor space and also shelter in a large barn--you need only your warm sleeping bag, air mattress, and pillow. Or you can find more privacy by tenting or RV camping on our 200 acres of woods and pasture in the NW Georgia mountains.  A new small log cabin provides additional floor space.  Bring usual camping supplies: pillow, sleeping bag or bedding, air mattress, towel, swimsuit for hot tub, etc. We have a few tents and sleeping bags for a modest rental fee.  See housing page for info on motel/BnBs and other nearby housing.

FOOD:   Please bring potluck dish for Friday picnic dinner.  Five tasty vegetarian meals will be served in the Split Tree cafe by Dee Tison and friends of Only One Earth natural foods store in Chattanooga.  Volunteers and work exchange dancers are needed for food preparation, serving and clean-up.

GENERAL: Gender balanced.  Come with or without a partner. Formal or period attire is encouraged but optional.  We suggest evening gowns and white tie attire to enhance the occasion but no one should feel uncomfortable in any suitable ball dress.  Must wear non-street, non-marking, soft-sole shoes for dancing.  No child care facilities.  No pets, alcohol allowed. Avoid strong perfumes.  Smoking in designated areas only.  

INFORMATION:  Sid Hetzler at 1/706-539-2485.  Fax: 706/539-2430.  Email address: splittree@aol.com.  Click here for Full information and photo of  studio, maps.

REGISTRATION:  Electronic or fax registration is allowed but this form must be mailed with a check within seven days after registering.  Pre-registration is required and space is limited to 100 persons. Beds are allocated by registration date.

FLIGHT INFO:  Nearest public airport is Chattanooga (45 minutes); Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Knoxville airports are about 2-3 hours and possibly some rides can be found.  We will try to assist guests with transportation with the help of dancers in nearby cities.



City/State___________________________Zip Code____________

Email address____________________________

Day phone ________________________Evening phone____________________________

Do you want order Waltz Weekend T-Shirt with the flyer logo?    yes/no    Cost $12.

#___dancers at $ 75 each = ____$_________      #____meal tickets at $25 each=$______

Total___________.   # ____T-shirts at $12 each.    Grand total: $___________.

Shelter plans:  Bed______? (limited) House/studio floor space____________? Barn space__________? (A mattress of wood shavings)     Pature tenting?________

Motel/BnB_____________? Other?______________

Send check payable to: Split Tree Farm, 597 W. Cove Road, Kensington, GA 30707.

Questions (see final schedule below) about the dance program can be directed to Prof. Powers at:    vintage@leland.stanford.edu

FUTURE ANNOUNCED EVENTS: Oct. 3-5; Fool's Fest, April 10-12; Richard Powers' Freestyle Couples' Dancing), April 24-26.

Schedule of Waltz Weekend Oct. 24-26



6:00 Potluck dinner

7:00 Registration & welcoming

8:00 Playing with Cross-Step Waltz

9:15 Informal freestyle dancing

10:30 or 11 Early bedtime


8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Warmups

9:20 German and Viennese waltzes from the 1830s

10:30 break

10:45 Polka Mazurka & La Gitana

11:30 Pivots and underarm turns in Viennese Waltz (advanced class) and beginner's lunch

12:30 19th century waltzing (introductory level) and advanced dancer's lunch

1:30 Further pointers for great waltzing (technique & partnering)

2:15 Getting dizzy with Zweifachers

3:00 break

3:15 Early Argentine tango waltz

4:10 Street waltzing

4:30 End of classes

6:00 Dinner

9:00 Viennese Ball with music by the Lenox String Quartet

Midnight -- late night freestyle dancing and snacks


8:00 --  9:00 Breakfast

9:00 Sleep in, or 'Higher States of Waltzing' talk for those who haven't heard Zen & Waltzing.

10:00 Advanced Cross-Step Waltz and concepts

11:15 break

11:30 Advanced Cross-Step Waltz and concepts

1:00 Lunch

2:30 - whenever  Farewell dance with Walter Parks of The Nudes and Friends

Sunday--guests are encouraged to enjoy the hot tub or walk in the rolling pastures and woods or just settle into serious porching on the decks.  Sunday night lodging is available at no charge. For those staying over until Monday, we can have a Sunday supper of left-over veggies sauteed, fried, grilled or boiled.  Or we can go out to dinner at the new Lookout Mountain restaurant, Canyon Grill, where portabello mushrooms have become the yuppie rage locally.  Or go to LaFayette's Twin Pizza Inn for taste Greek pizza.  BYOB and $. Or whatever...following some serious porching and clean-up.  No weekend post-mortums allowed.

Beginners:  Prof. Powers will use a split lunch class hour on Saturday and a single one on Sunday to accomodate  beginning level waltzers.  

Facilities:  Split Tree Farm is located on a high ridge in the center of 200 acres in historic, rural McLemore Cove and has a panoramic view of  Lookout and Pigeon mountains.  It has a new floating hardwood floor in a 60x36-foot glass-enclosed and heated dance studio pavilion with north and south decks and picnic tables. It is attached to a large house with fireplace, hot tub, kitchens and three private baths with a European continuous hot water system.  The land has been in Sid Hetzler's family for several generations.  The facility was designed for the participatory arts, especially movement and other performing arts.  A few photos are available from the main web page index.

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