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cover and text draft"the split tree recordings: the waltzes"  

      Walter Parks, who recorded, designed and produced our first CD, "the split tree recordings:  the waltzes," has done a brilliant job. 
       "Lovely music," says Richard Powers of Stanford University's dance division; he provided much of the leadership and encouragement that made our dance space and fine floor possible in 1996.
       All live recordings at Split Tree studio except one, "the waltzes" will be released Friday, April 28th at the Richard Powers Waltz Weekend, which Richard and Seth Tepfer are producing.  I listen to this CD over and over; it's subtle, original, and an honor to the musicians who played for it and to the dancers who danced it...and to the man who produced it.
       Walter Parks has been a part of happenings at the farm since he and former partner Stephanie Winters, who named the farm, performed at the first Split Tree 1994 spring festival as the Nudes, a guitar and cello duo singing original songs.  One of their waltzes from their second "Boomerang" CD was donated for our CD.  It was written by Walter after waltzing with Angela Amarillas at the first Split Tree Viennese Ball weekend in 1997. 
        He has written a fascinating new waltz, "The Waltz for Tara," for guitar and cello after waltzing with Stanford dancer and now alumnus Tara Lee Rishko at one of Richard Powers waltz weekends at Split Tree.   This is a special waltz that will challenge every dancer who sets foot to it, as does the talented and graceful dancer for whom it was written.
        Both waltzes will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart and set your bodies twirling into waltzing heaven.  Walter will be at the waltz weekend for special recognition as well as to play for us with his trio Saturday night.  He moves to New York City this June to began production work for a NY recording company.
      Other original and traditional waltzes from the popular dance bands "Misbehavin'" and "Atomic City Rhythm Rascals," in additional to pieces by Walter and Alan Dynin, Robert Jamison, and Mary Jo Strickland, will have you out of your chair and up and dancing before you can count to three.  And a very special vintage dance friend graces the CD cover; this will be a surprise at the April 28th release party.
       You can get your orders in now for the preview, pre-release CD by sending a check for at least $10 to:  Split Tree Farm/CD; 2103 N. Decatur Road, #339; Decatur, GA 30033.  They will be mailed out (or can be picked up in Atlanta or at the farm) the first week of May.  And they will be sold at dances and in various cities at special record stores and on various music web pages, including Split Tree's web page.
       All $100 contributors to the Cool Studio weekend last November will receive a CD at no charge.  And you still can get a free CD:  all additional contributors up until June 30th of at least $100 (made out to Southern Pitch, Inc. if tax deduction is desired) will also receive a complimentary CD.  We hope each contributor will buy five or more CDs to give to their favorite dance partners.  
Or get 1 free by buying four as gifts to special dance friends for $40 until June 30th, 2000.  All funds go directly to studio improvements, such as the air conditioning and insulation needed.  We do need several thousand dollars more to finish the studio air conditioning insulation and offset the CD expenses so that all the musical and other talent contributions for the Cool Studio weekend will go directly to help make the studio available for year-round use. 
       More will be said later about those who gave so generously of their talents, time, and money to improve this very special dance and participatory arts space.
      We need volunteers to create publicity for this remarkable musical collection of waltzing music.

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