Update:  Yes, as of 4/20 you can register for one day/single dances since we still have room...but as a pair.  Fri/Sat night is $15/person; dinner is $12/person (must know by Wed., 4/22).
Each 1/2 day is $15 for workshop periods or dances.  Full weekend is best choice.
As of 4/20, registration stands at 60 dancers; ideal number is 70, max 100.

Chattanooga weather looks nearly perfect for the weekend:  sunny Fri/Sat with highs
in low 70s and lows in mid-40s.  Click on weather link above for update.  Sunday unknown.

Music for the Friday night swing dance will be provided by Asheville's Bruce Lang, vocalist and guitarist, who helped keep the energy soaring at the '97 Dance Vortex and '98 Fools' Fest.  See biography.

Richard Powers'                               Updated: 04/18/07


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Friday April 24 through Sunday April 26

led by Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas from Stanford University

with live music by Walter Parks of The Nudes and Company

and Bruce Lang and Friends

Split Tree Farm
A beautiful dance pavilion with a floating maple floor overlooking the
northwest Georgia mountains

shoes.gif (1581 bytes)Do you know the latest swing styles of the 90s?
          The earliest Lindy Hop from the 1920s?
                  Do you know how to create your own steps and moves?
                            Where is the Swing Revival headed?    What's coming next?

This weekend will look at styles of swing dance which are not usually taught at swing classes, from the earliest to the most recent, plus vernacular (grass roots) forms and new swing moves, with an emphasis on the spirit of innovation which has always surrounded swing.

This will replace the previously scheduled Jammix Weekend.    See below   for further information and schedule (subject to slight change).

wpe10.jpg (16684 bytes)SCHEDULE

Friday night--(no food served)
7:00 Open dancing to Asheville's Bruce Lane and Friends
8:00 Playing with Bug (including some Crosstep Foxtrot out of Bug)
9:30 Freestyle dancing
to Bruce Lang and Friends 


8-9      Buffet Breakfast
9:00    Early Lindy Hop
9:45    Savoy Lindy or Club Two-Step (slow swing)--TBA
11:00  Swing Move Jam - show everyone your favorite swing moves
11:30  Advanced swing moves (beginner's lunch)
12:30  Beginning swing class (advanced dancer's lunch)
1:30    Pointers for great swing dancing
2:10    Feedback from your partners
2:30    Original (1936 East Coast) Big Apple
3:15    1990s Waltz Swing
4:00    Advanced Pretzels

6:30-7:30   Dinner

8 pm    Freestyle dancing with Walter Parks & Co.
Midnight potato bar/dessert

Sunday morning/afternoon
9-10     Buffet Breakfast
10:00   Creativity in swing dancing
11:30   Musicality in dancing
12:45   Lunch--Greek pizzas, veggie and non-veggie ordered at registration
2:00    Jammix Dance
?         Serious Porching and Clean-up        

Click here for Richard Powers' biography.

LOCATION:  Split Tree Farm is located 20 miles south of Chattanooga, TN in the NW Georgia mountains and 100 miles NW of Atlanta.  Click for map page.

COST: $75 before Apr. 1, $85 after; refunds until Apr. 15.   Later refunds available only if weekend is sold out.  Single dances if space available.  FOOD (optional): $25 (see below).

LODGING:  There is no charge for shelter/lodging at the farm, where you can find privacy by tenting or RV camping (no hookups; large units must use back entrance) on our secluded 200 acres of woods and pasture. There is also shelter in a large barn--you need only your tent, warm sleeping bag, air mattress, and pillow.  If you are not the camping type, there are a few beds and limited floor space by reservation in the lodge or dance pavilion. There is unlimited hot water indoors or out for showers. Bring usual camping/possible rain supplies: flashlight, pillow, sleeping bag or bedding, air mattress, towel, swimsuit for hot tub, etc. Off the farm, we recommend either Key West Inn 10 miles away in LaFayette, (706) 638-8200, (be sure to ask for the Split Tree discount, $40/double, 2 beds) or Hidden Hollow Cabins/Lodge, (706) 539-2372, four miles away.  We can loan a few tents and sleeping bags for a modest donation.  Click for housing page for info on these and other motel/BnBs and inns.

Pretty Good Food Split Tree Cafe:   Food is optional; no single tickets.  Weekend meal ticket must be reserved in advance with registration.  No Friday meal is planned; bring your own picnic or eat first.  Kathryn Campbell's   will serve five tasty vegetarian meals (3/Sat; 2/Sun) for $25.  She wil be assisted  by volunteers from Only One Earth organic food store in Chattanooga.   WORK FOR DANCE: Several volunteers and work exchange dancers are needed for food preparation, serving and clean-up; call the Split Tree office at 706/539-2485 to offer your talents (full as of 4/19/98).

GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS:  Gender balanced; paired registration suggested; singles may be admitted or wait-listed to maintain balance.   Dress is funky informal; 30s/40s period dress optional for Saturday evening dance.   Must wear non-street, non-marking, soft-sole shoes for dancing.  No child care facilities.  No pets, alcohol allowed.  Avoid strong perfumes.  Smoking in designated areas only.  

Paired Registration:  "This means that since the dances will be couple dances, we want as many men as women participating.  If one gender is in surplus, individuals standing around without a partner get grumpy.  This does not mean you must sign up with a partner. It simply means that as individuals register, their names are added to the bottom of either the men's list or the women's list.  If the two lists happen to be unequal in length, those left at the bottom of the longer list don't get in.  However, both of two who happen to register as a couple get in immediately. Their "couple-ness" need not have any implication or obligation beyond a registration convenience, since dancers change partners throughout the day."--Richard Powers, answering a question from a dancer 2/26/98.

INFORMATION:  Primary--Email Stanford dancer Tara Rishko (photos) at taralee [@] leland.stanford.edu or call her in Palo Alto at 1 (800) 484-4222, code 3209 (Palo Alto direct: (650) 323-2326). Secondary--Split Tree office or Sid Hetzler at (706) 539-2485. Fax: (706) 539-2430. Email address: swingspirit [@] splittree.org.   Return to main page for index to general Split Tree info. Questions about the dance program can be directed to Tara or to Richard Powers at: vintage [@] leland.stanford.edu.   For more background on trends in social dance, see article by Powers and Amarillas.

REGISTRATION:   Electronic or fax registration is allowed but this form must be mailed with a check within seven days after registering.   Pre-registration is required and space is limited to 100 persons.  Please mail check to the attention of Split Tree's registrar: Tara Rishko, 833 Kipling St., Palo Alto, Calif. 94301.    Make check payable to Spirit of Swing/Split Tree Farm.   After Apr. 15th, late registrants, if space is available, should mail check to: Split Tree Farm/Spirit of Swing, 597 West Cove Road, Kensington, GA 30707. 




City/State___________________________________Zip Code________

Email address__________________  Web address_________________

Day phone ___________________Evening phone__________________

#___dancers at $ 75 each = $_________      #____meal tickets at $25 each = $__________      Total___________.  

Shelter plans:   House/studio floor space (limited) ______ Barn space___ ____
(A mattress of wood shavings)     Pasture tenting ________ Beds (very limited)_________Motel/BnB__________ RV/Camper __________
Other ________________________

FUTURE SPLIT TREE EVENTS:  Sid Hetzler's Writing & Dancing Workshop, July 10-12, Sept. 4-6; Richard Powers' Waltz Weekend, Oct. 23-25.  See main page.

For the latest updates on Atlanta, regional and national swing dancing and information, go to Swingtown.

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