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Richard Powers' Vintage Waltz Weekend & Ball
Split Tree Vintage Waltz Wknd Nov 06 photos

Nov 3.4.5, 2006    Split Tree Farm

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 Richard power's "Zen of Waltz", Apr 22-24, 2006
web flyer and registration info

Richard Powers' Split Tree Waltz Weekend, Nov. 5-7, 2004

& Gypsy Waltz Ball

Weekend photos       Mizilca's Gypsy Woman Dance Solo photos -- by Sid Hetzler

2004 Flyer Link   

Availability status:  green (open)  yellow )   red (full, no more openings, 11/4)

Previous Gypsy Waltz Ball Weekends - 2003, 2002
And other Powers Split Tree weekends--
2001, 2000, 2000 Old Vienna Ball,
1999, 1998-waltz, 1998-swing, 1997
(send photos for our photo archives to photo [at]

Upcoming Richard Powers' Waltz, swing and vintage dance workshops:
Seattle, Paris, Split Tree, Portland, Prague, Mendocino... see

the Split Tree studio
fl∞∞rplay happening

ay 28 - 31 --Memorial Day Weekend

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April 2-4  Fool's Fest 2004 web flyer 

"Bringing a serious sense of play into the studio..."
at the   Split Tree Farm Studio   --  cancelled, minimum not met

Adam Battelstein Workshops

December 19th through 21st

PARTNERING: The art of finding balance with another person's weight, making beautiful and complex human sculptures and eventually moving connected through the space in ways that create powerful illusions.

IMPROVISATION: The art of spontaneous invention which teaches us to trust our most unfiltered instincts. I teach improvisation through movement games which put even non dancers in a playful creative spirit. Material from improvisation can be conserved for use in choreography or the genesis of theater-based work."

CHOREOGRAPHY: How to create material, order it, juxtapose images, find music and how to collaborate with others on a creative project. My approach is an organic one not a formulaic one. The skills that are developed in both Partnering and Improvisation will be used here – namely: developing a healthy give and take with your co-collaborators and trusting your instincts.
  -Adam Battelstein  

Adam Battelstein, formerly a performer with Pilobolus, will be in Georgia this December and has agreed to hold workshops in Partnering, Improvisation, and Collaborative Choreography, from his extensive experience as a dancer, and also from his current experience as a master teacher with Pilobolus.

These workshops are open to dancers of all levels and backgrounds. Adam will use movement games to help release our creative element, and his tools for partnering will take you beyond the specific partner dances you are used to and create an overall awareness of the communication between your and your partner's bodies and the choreographies you create in your dance.

We are honored and excited to have him here at Split Tree.    More info at:
Email registrar at   registration_battelstein (at) or leave message for Waleed 404/226-8173.
-Waleed Mebane, producer


vienwalt.gif (218517 bytes)Split Tree's Spinning Waltz Weekend 
      and the Gypsy Waltz Ball

Oct 31-Nov 2               
 Richard Powers returns to lead us deeper into the mysteries of the waltz
at another of his popular Split Tree waltz weekends... 
  ...and to inspire the 2nd Gypsy Waltz Ball  
        GypsyWaltz02Group.JPG (323857 bytes)    STF gypsies of 2002
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2003 weekend web flyer
Adobe PDF one page flyer for printing & distribution or mailing for registration

Guest Productions 2003

Friday night, Nov 7 and Saturday daytime, Nov 8, Sandy Bramlett's NIA retreat

W.O.W. Retreat II (Wild Outrageous Women)
Nov. 7th & 8th at Split Tree Farm. If you missed the first overnight gathering at Split Tree,  don't miss this one.
 The focus is on Wisdom - living it and sharing it!
  A women's retreat to reconnect to your wisdom, intuition, and power. 
Hosted by Sandy Bramlett, Nia Black Belt teacher from Atlanta/Bodywise Studio, and Marj Flemming of Launchpoint Leadership in Chattanooga. 
Gather 'round the fire, dance, sing, relax and do something just for YOU!
5 pm Friday to 5 pm Saturday
$89 by Nov. 1st, $99 thereafter. You can register online and mail check payable to Bodywise Studio, P.O. Box 8061, Atlanta, GA  31103. 
 Need more info? Call Sandy Bramlett, 404-303-8001, or visit   NIA Atlanta link:

Split Tree Farm and Studio is a non-smoking/alcohol-free environment; no child care facilities are available;
release of liability waivers are required of all participants.  This is a NIA Atlanta event.

  August 22-24
Summerfest 03 cancelled due to low registration as of Aug 4, 03

Debra Berry's 2003 flyer --registration closed; weekend cancelled


Split Tree welcomes
Creative Strategies for Thriving
Sponsored by the Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, 
Recreation and Dance(GAHPERD)
 and Dance Educators of Georgia (DEGA)   
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday July 11 – 13, 2003    Flyer/Registration Link

April 4-6  FF2003 web flyer (draft)  
F o foolart.gif (6828 bytes)o l's  Fest   20foolart.gif (6828 bytes)03 Photo link to Mike Harrison's homepage for FF 03 pics

Nov. 1-3, 2002, Richard Powers' Split Tree Waltz Weekend -- see gypsy ball photo

June 28-30, 02 -- Summerfest Flyer Info   Dance, Music and Yoga weekend

  Apr. 19-21, "Lindy Hop Immersion" Weekend with Joel Domoe and Stephanie Ludwig.  Contact Knoxville organizer Kelly Arsenault at bsk24 [ [@] ]    Web page flyer link now open for registration.

ff02dancersdancing.jpg (48953 bytes)  Apr. 5-7: the 13th Fool's Festival Dance Weekend -- a good time was had by all!  Link to FF2002 page    See NY Times Travel Section Sunday, Mar. 24 article on Split Tree's Fool's Fest Dance Weekend

March 1-3: Alexander movement weekend, led by Univ. of Mississippi dance professor Jennifer Mizenko.  Click here for details.   See:  Jennifer Mizenko's article on social dance and Alexander technique  Details soon.  

Split Tree Guest Productions 2485 

Saturday, Dec. 8:  Holiday Dance at Split Tree sponsored by Chattanooga Traditional Dance Society, Knoxville Swing Dance Society,  Atlanta Waltz Society, and Split Tree.  (Next dance Mar. 23rd).

From Vicki and Steve:

Thanks to all who came.  We would like to thank all of the dance gypsies that came out to Split Tree last Saturday. The turnout was great, along with the wonderful mix of people and energy. It really couldn't have turned out any better!! One of my favorite things about Saturday was meeting some new people, and seeing some old familiar faces as well. Hopefully in the future Sid will allow us [of course] to have more dance events like the one we just had. Kelly, you and Greg were awesome with the swing instruction. Big hugs and thanks to all our buddies in Knoxville that made the trip!!! You guys (and girls!!) are FABULOUS!! Atlanta and Huntsville also had lots of great people show up and offered to help in anyway they could! It's wonderful to see such cooperation among people for a dance event!!!  And "Contraband" from Brasstown was just great!

Much love and thanks!!
Vicki and Steve Herndon
Chattanooga Traditional Dance Society


      Sept 28-30
Richard Powers' Waltz & More Weekend
-- schedule now posted

Bulletin:  Meals deadline for Split Tree's waltz weekend now is Tuesday, Sept. 25.  If you're a last minute dancer, please go ahead and register electronically from the web page and also pay by credit card or at the door Friday, Sept. 28.  You may register after that but should not plan on Chef Hannah's delicious menu.  We now are gender balanced and will take couples and paired registration buddies only, although we do need 2-3 single men/leads to offset cancellations on Friday, Sept. 21, the last day to cancel before credit only is offered.  Single tickets at $10/hour are available as are single meals until Sept. 25th.  Please register in advance by email, phone, fax or, preferably, from our waltz web page electronically.

Traveling Dances   Waltz, Blues, Tango, Waltz-Tango,  Fox-Blues, Straight Jazz, St. Louis Shuffle, Merengue and more.  
Flyer/registration link   Registration now open. 

Email Magdalena Zigova at registrationwaltz01 [ [@] ] to register or Richard at vintage [ [@] ] for program info.  Split Tree Tel:  706/539-2485.   Production, food and publicity volunteers are needed.   Please distribute flyers in your community; PDF print version is at top of web flyer.  For general questions about Split Tree, please email Sid Hetzler at sid [ [@] ]

For more Southeastern waltzing, join Atlanta Waltz Society dancers for 3rd Sunday waltzing in Decatur

NEW:   Dancers flying during Sept. 25 - Oct. 3rd for this weekend on Delta may be able to get a 5% or more air fare reduction.  We have contracted with Delta Airlines to be Split Tree's "official" airline.  For bookings, please call Candice Daak of the Decatur, GA American Express office at 800.320.7152.  Or mail her at:  candice [ [@] ]

A successful studio roof insulation work weekend, June 1-3

Our fine crew of a dozen or so dancers finished in record time putting on a new studio roof, made up of 4" foam and brown metal roofing screwed onto 2x4" wood strips,  to make the studio insulated and usable year-round.   Our deepest appreciation goes to Bart Ruark, who organized the work; our neighbor and jack of all building trades Roger Kendzor, Joel Domoe and his parents Barbara and John Domoe, Paula Willis, Jeff Jakubowski, Fred Ramos, Anne Louise Horgan, Becky Forster, Magdalena Zigova, Doug and Tracy Hale, Diane Tucker, Tom Gordon, Vicki and Steve Herndon, Alan Bernhardt, Don Walker (earlier in the week).
Much appreciation for finishing insulating the studio's east end walls in December also goes to Don Walker and Bart Ruark, assisted by Becky Forster, Tomas Valenti (who also opened up the music room with some fine finish carpentry), Samantha Christen, Bruce Williams, Susan Stone, Anna and Justin, Beth Nicholson, and Jeff Jakubowski.  Bart later finished the diagonal boards to cover the insulation, which already is saving on heating gas. 

Sunday, June 3rd, Bart and Joel and Melanie's 
  Swingin' the Mountains

May 18-20, 2485 Atlanta's close style tango weekend, "Dancers' Diverse Delight," tango and other dances weekend in N. Georgia mountains produced by Magdalena and company.  Info, Magdalena, mzigova [ [@] ] 

May 11-13,2485-- Seth Tepfer's Contemporary Western Squares weekend. 
Info:  Seth, labst [ [@] ]    Registration link.

12th Fool's Fest Dance Weekend 2001

 April 6 -- 8                     Flyer link

Richard Powers' Waltz Weekend:
New and Traditional Traveling Dances"           Flyer/Registration     April 28-30, 2000.  Seth Tepfer, producer.  Sat. evening waltz and more music by "Walter Parks and the Sparks." 

Fool's Fest 2000 (flyer link), Mar 31-Apr 2 with Head Fool, Robert Cromartie, and that magical band, Footloose,
 and every dancer's favorite swing and blues pianist, Bob Willoughby. 
90FFestflyerpg1.gif (258344 bytes)History of the Fool's Fest and First 1990 Fool's Fest Dawn Dance Flyers


Singing and Releasing with Elise Witt and Jean Dunham   (click for flyer)     Sept. 25 & 26, 2000  Info: (404) 378-1673

Authentic Movement Workshop, Sept. 8-12, 1999 with Marcia Plevin, DTR.  Info/registration:  Anna Sue Courtney, 256/536-5137.   Cost: $325.    Registration deadline:  Aug. 10.  click here for flyer text .    Authentic movement explores the relationship between conscious and unconscious aspects of the self through both spontaneous and self-directed movement.

Richard Powers'    Spirit of Swing (click)       April 24-26, 1998
As of Apr. 19, space remains available; register now with Tara by email, taralee [ [@] ], or phone, 800/484-4222-3209.  Yes, you can
register for one day/single dances since we still have room...but as a pair.
Fri/Sat night is $15/person; dinner is $12/person (must know by Wed., 4/22).
Each 1/2 day is $15 for workshop periods or dances.  Full weekend is best choice.
As of 4/20, registration stands at 60 dancers; ideal number is 70, max 100.

Chattanooga weather looks nearly perfect for the weekend:  sunny Fri/Sat with highs
in low 70s and lows in mid-40s.  Click on weather link above for update.  Sunday unknown. 

Do you know the latest swing styles of the 90s?
          The earliest Lindy Hop from the 1920s?
                  Do you know how to create your own steps and moves?
                            Where is the Swing Revival headed?    What's coming next?
Richard Powers and Angella Amarillas return to Split Tree to teach swing dance from its Lindy origins to the latest 90s styles.  Register with Stanford dancer Tara Rishko via email.   This replaces the Jammix weekend.  Click on photo for Tara's page. 

UPDATE:  Asheville's popular swing guitarist/vocalist Bruce Lang and Friends will join Walter Parks of The Nudes for the Friday night swing dance.  Walter's trio will play for the Saturday night dance and Sunday afternoon Jammix.

This weekend will look at styles of swing dance which are not usually taught at swing classes, from the earliest to the most recent, plus vernacular (grass roots) forms and new swing moves, with an emphasis on the spirit of innovation which has always surrounded swing.

This replaces the previously scheduled Jammix Weekend.    See web page for the schedule and more  information.
 To learn more about Richard Powers' new directions in teaching traditional and contemporary social dance, see  links to Stanford University's Dance Department (click here) and to Powers' summer workshops and European programs in Prague and St. Petersburg.   See 1997 article by Powers and Amarillas on current trends in social dance.   See Powers' biography.

Fool's Fest '97 (click)

Dance Vortex II, Oct. 3, 4, 5, 1997 Bart Ruark, 352/472-4424 Flyer w/ links to bands, directions , T-Shirt design, etc. and registration form (click here)      Detailed Schedule (click here)    Off-Site Housing  ** Specials ** (click here)  Vortex Weather   (click here)  

Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas' Waltz Weekend II, Oct. 24-26, 1997, click here