"All I Really Need to Know I learned at contra dancing"
by Ginger Pyron


Being considerate is more important than being right.

Listen to the music.

Pay attention to what's happening around you.

Look people in the eye, and smile.

Just walk.

You're not dancing solo, but with every person in the set.

Take your time.

Move lightly, and give weight.

It works best when everyone moves together.

Savor the moment.

Reach out to newcomers; we were all new once.

Wear comfortable shoes.

For every movement, there's a perfect phrasing.

Take your mistakes and those of others lightly.

Help make it a good time for everybody.

Always, keep it simple.

Know that you're part of a larger pattern.

Every now and then, be improper.

And remember--every occasion is a good time to dance.

Taught by Ruby and Hibbard Thatcher of Nashville, written by Ginger Pyron
(with acknowledgment to Robert Fulghrum); used with Ginger's permission and
taken from County Dance and Song Society newsletter.

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