Dear Inductees into Split Tree's Year 2004 Society of Fools:      
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PERFECT WEATHER:  You are among the elect of the social dance world as we all approach this most excellent weekend of contra and couples dance heaven in the NW Georgia mountains, where it never rains on Fool's Fest weekend.  

PARKING/REGISTRATION:  Enjoy coming up the hill on the asphalted driveway your ticket makes possible.  Park along the south fence in roughly even rows from E-W or park next to your tent.  Registration entrance is at the south back door at the back office at the back desk from 6-8 pm.  Wise fools will leave their street shoes under the porch benches and change to socks, bare feet, or non-marking, clean dance shoes as they enter the sacred dance space and prepare for the opening rituals with tooth brushing and fragrance-free deodorant and hair spray. 

FOOLS RULES:  We have lowered his standards so that the lowest of the low and the highest of the high will mix and mingle in a social dancers ecstasy on what is said now to be the finest social dance floor in the South...and maybe even beyond.  This being a festival of fools, we still need beginners to offset the habits of experienced dancers and to challenge our contra callers and musicians.  Be fully foolish; bring a beginner.  Or, be a beginner; bring a fool. 

FLOOR PLAY:  We'll have plenty of room in the studio for serious or not-so-serious floor play.

A FEW MORE GOOD FOOLS:  We expect to sell out this year so please don't hesitate to urge your shy mates, uncertain friends, late tax finishers Type-A dancers, curious neighbors, precocious children, and late blooming dance partners to rigester now and if space is available come for a night or day if a full weekend is too much right now. 

FULLY FORMAL FOOL'S BALL DRESS:  funky double retro 21st century attire.   :) imagine that! (bring your cameras) 

EXTRA BEDS:  house beds are reserved for hordes of artists and staff attending your every foolish wish and a few beds should be available for early registrants.

MEAL SIGN-UP:   I've just seen the menu and it's a dancing fool's vegetarian delight.  If you're PC, bring your own utensils; if not, not to worry--we're using paper plastic to be food safe.  Although meal sign-up deadline is the Wednesday before, anyone can call (706/539-2485) or email and pre-register for the weekend (yes, must pre-register; no open door dance hall here to let unprepared fools on the floor) for single dance tickets.  But if you're a last minute dancer, call anyway to see if we have space.  After Wednesday, smart fools will brown bag it or grab a sweet relish baloney, fat double pork, or deluxe pizza sandwich at one of the three local gas stations...or buy up all the RC Cola and Moon Pie too before they're sold out at the last minute Split Tree crowd.  (This was not a commercial message). 

PSST, PASS IT ON:  Your friends can sign up as usual via email and pay at the door at this late date if they let us know in advance they're coming.  And you can charge the weekend, full cost, at our STF web store.

MAP/DIRECTIONS:  Avoid getting lost on the Georgia back roads by checking our web page map and directions link.  If you use the Mapquest directions from your house to ours, please check them carefully or you may never find our "Brigadoon."  Map link in on FF flyer, back one page from this.  Please doublecheck all map coordinates.

A FOOL'S INVESTMENT:  As you contemplate this dance heaven of a weekend, you will dance better knowing that virtually all of your fee goes to improve the studio for year-round use by air conditioning the studio (1999), insulating the roof on top (2002), by asphalting the steep driveway (2003), general improvements and beginning of bath house fund (2004).  Buy a waltz CD for $10 to be one of the first in your neighborhood to get one, or pay $40 for five CDs as gifts to those romantic dance friends who love the waltz; all funds to the studio improvement account.

Signed/Split Tree's Year 2005 Society of Fools Disorganizing Committee, 
Sid and the motley crew 

PS:  For information or to leave a number for your family, use 706/539-2485.  We also will check the Split Tree email each day if someone needs to send you a message to foolsfest [@]

March 2005

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