More photos (by Sid Hetzler) from STF's first Creative Dance Camp, June 20-26, 1999:


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Parents watch Saturday afternoon, 6/26, performance (STF's first audience event) at the first Creative Dance Week Camp for ages 9-12, directed by Sherman Dailey, Sycamore, and Anna Sue Courtney of Huntsville, AL.  (Digital photos by Sid Hetzler).
Below left--foot dance in progress; right, Jennifer Davis relaxes into contact improvisation back roll with partner.

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Above, journal cover made from homemade paper with materials found in walks around Split Tree Farm.

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Above, three dance camp leaders demonstrate improvisational modern dance to
parents at Split Tree's first known audience event at June 26, 1999
performance for parents. 
From left, Sherman Dailey, Anna Sue Courtney, Sycamore. 

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Jennifer Davis, center, creates movement sequence with two partners
as a workshop leader and Huntsville dance teacher, Sycamore, adjusts

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Huntsville parents view daughters creating their own dance.

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Demonstration of graceful ball dance, choregraphed by director of  Huntsville's
Creative Dance Center, Sherman Dailey, and performed at schools throughout
North Alabama.