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Probable: The Millennium Eve Week at Split Tree is at the moment being thought of as more than a dance week (although with plenty of social dancing to the finest of musicians with the finest of dancers in the best of spaces).   Richard Powers, whom we had invited to produce and direct this  week, has decided to be with his family in California on this special occasion but he will be present in spirit.  
        We are tentatively calling the week "Split Tree's Serious Porching Festival," Dec. 27-Jan. 1, with a YK2 chill-down party Sat, Jan. 2 for those concerned about traveling on New Year's Day.   If you're worried about how to celebrate the end of/beginning of Year 2000, and want to be sure of enough dried food to eat and good friends to play with until the world works again, this is the place to be.  And we can certify that all our computers, the dance floor, and the Steinway piano are YK2 compliant...what else do we need to party in the new millennium?
      Programming will probably be along the lines of the annual Fool's Festival, which included performances, kid's activities, hiking, writing, play readings/performances, etc., and, as always, serious porching (better now that the railing has been lowered by David Turner). 
       Registration is now open with $100 deposit mailed to Split Tree Serious Porching Festival, 597 West Cove Road, Kensington, GA 30707.  Email porchfest [@] splittree.org.   Cost is approximately $300 for the week, including food and available Split Tree shelter. 
       Hidden Hollow lodge reservations can be made by calling 706/539-2372.  We are investigating other nearby BnBs, cabins, and an old 1890s hotel as off-campus lodging.  Your participation will be a key ingredient in creating the magic and power of this week.  Email your suggestions to STF at porchfest [@] splittree.org.  Or call  Sid at 706/539-2485.