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Welcome to the expanded Split Tree page, which now includes separate sections for the Split Tree Participatory Arts Center's dance programs (inactive since the house fire in 2007), the Split Tree Farm page, and the new Split Tree Press.  The new imprint published Sid Hetzler's festival book, "Two Town Festivals:  Signs of a Theater or Power," May 17, 2012 on Amazon books and Kindle.

The Split Tree Press page will be updated with materials about the festival book from years of research as time passes.  The thesis has been posted here since 1996 but will be modified to show the front material and table of contents with links to the Amazon pages.

For now, here are three links to the separate sections:

Split Tree Press     "Two Town Festivals" is now for sale on Amazon as a print book and as an e-book on Kindle.

Split Tree Participatory Arts Center

Split Tree Farm

Updated:  12/23/2013

Contact:  Sid Hetzler, 423 618 6651



Poem to Nelson Mandela  by Kamau Brathwaite, December 2013 (via Tim Reiss)